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Lilies have been around forever and there is a good reason. They are superb plants, faithful, produce for many years, multiply with good manners and offer a myriad of colors, sizes and forms. We offer mainly two types, Asiatic Hybrids and L.A. Hybrids, a cross between Longiflorum and Asiatic.

Lilies are bulbs that need to be planted no less than 6 inches deep, in well drained soils, and in a place where they won’t be disturbed for years. Compost, bulb food or bone meal can be added to the soil when planting and a top coating of compost or composted steer manure can be added every spring but not absolutely necessary. Or you can push a couple of sticks of chalk in beside the bulbs each spring for a ‘timed release’ feed. If you are bothered by varmints, a few pieces of sharp gravel in the hole will deter voles. This is one plant that I do cut back in the fall after the foliage turns brown to feed the bulbs.

Pollen stains on your clothing when handling lilies can be a problem. Do not brush the pollen away with your hands. The oil in your hands will set the stains. Let the pollen dry then brush it away with a dry soft brush or gently dab the stain with adhesive tape. Exposure to sunlight may fade the stain or commercial fabric stain remover is a last resort. There are new lilies without pollen. They have stamens but no pollen.

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