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Pollination Notes

Remember, even self pollinating varieties will benefit from a second pollinator.
APPLE TREES need a second tree for cross pollination. Clones cannot cross pollinate i.e. A Norland cannot pollinate another Norland. Each tree must bloom at the same time. The second tree can be as far away as 500 feet. There's no law against taking advantage of your neighbor's pollinator.
CHERRY TREES do not need a pollinator. Our 'Evan's cherry trees do not require a pollinator.
PLUM TREES require a cross pollinator. Any prunus will do as long as it blooms at the same time. This year we have 'Compass' and 'Sapalta' perfect for pollinating each other.
CURRENTS AND GOOSEBERRIES are self pollinating. Excellent fruit production can be obtained with just one plant. If currants are grown near gooseberries however, yields can be even better. Black currants perform better when different cultivars are grown together. Black currants will not cross with red or white currants.
LONICERA (HONEYBERRIES) need a pollinator. Any Polar variety will cross with other varieties. Our 'Polar Jewell' will pollinate 'Borealis'.


*Cool rainy weather may cause lack of pollination. No remedy. Better luck next year.

*Trees are old. Apple trees have a production life of about 30 years. You can rejuvenate an older tree with select pruning.

*Some species will produce a bumper crop one year and not so much the next.

*Crabapples can pollinate a fruit producing tree however; some crabs are sterile such as the 'Spring Snow'.

*No bees. Try planting perennials close to the trees such as Monarda, trollius, sedum, geranium, Hesperis Matronalis, and phlox. Remember, bloom periods must match.


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